• Natural and Perfect results in Hair Transplantation

    With Follicular Unit Extraction management, hair follicles can be transplanted to the hairless areas one by one with special tipped micro motors under local anesthesia and more natural dispersion of hair growth is provided.
  • Modern and Qualified Service Center

    We perform hair translation in Medical Park, one of the best healthcare institutions in Turkey. We offer treatment in modern and qualified operational center

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You can make an appointment for the most suitable day by contacting our team regarding your demands and requests. You can also observe our services and procedures in our work environme...

We Offer Free Analysis.

We offer to perform an analysis in our clinic and determine needs in the best way. Moreover, all these services are free of charge.

We Detect The Appropriate Techniques

After completing your hair analysis, our professional specialists assign the most convenient hair transplantation techniques for you.

Let Us Arrange A Professional Transplantation.

With a special operations team assigned specifically for you, we start your hair transplantation. Necessary measures are taken to preserve the appearance of your donor area and to pro...

Hair Transplantation

We provide assurance with years of experience in hair transplantation. Meet our hair transplantation techniques that are diverse and require significant expertise!

Professional Hair Transplantation:

Do not be upset about hair loss, you can have your hair back through professional met...
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Personalized Hair Design

Millions of patients suffering from hair loss and baldness issues find their cure in...
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Fue Hair Transplant Technique

Today, especially in the aftermath of hair loss issues seen in men, the problem of ba...
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DHI Hair Transplantation Technique

There are millions of people who develop issues such as baldness as a result of hair ...
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Facial Hair Transplantation (FUE Method)

The basic logic of facial hair transplantation surgery is the application of hair tra...
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