Professional Hair Transplantation:

Professional Hair Transplantation:

Hair transplant process is the transfer of healthy roots of hair taken from the donor area in the neck region to the area of hair loss/destruction which occurs due to factors negatively affecting hair cells during the course of an individual's life over the years. It is a surgical procedure which must be performed by an expert and authorized team in the operating room environment in the hospital according to the standards of the Ministry of Health. Beard, moustache, and eyebrow transplants can also be performed using the same method.

The initial step for individuals who wish to have hair transplantation is to visit our hair transplant specialist for an examination to determine the reason that is the cause of hair loss in their case. If the reason for hair loss is a metabolic disturbance, the individual will have to first receive the medical treatment for this disorder. If the hair loss of the individual is not a disease-induced situation, but rather stems from the process of hair cell loss that occurs over the time period of one's age, then the decision will be made to perform the procedure of hair plantation.


Once the decision is reached for hair plantation, a new hair line will be drawn in the area of loss of hair and an evaluation will be made to determine the amount of hair roots (graft) required by the hairless area. If the donor area is available with the specified number of hair roots, then the planning the operation will be made.  While evaluating the areas where the patient experiences hair loss, the planning must be made in view of the maximum efficiency with which the expected natural state can be obtained. An agreement must be reached under the guidance of the expert along with the contribution of the patient's opinion during the planning, and the patient must be provided with a preliminary idea of the result to be expected at the end of the procedure.


Hair restoration surgery is a 4-step process which are anesthesia, root uptake phase, channel opening, and the planting of roots.